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043 Open Discussion 4/20/18

In this episode listen in as Jolene and John discuss the tests they have participated in lately and how you can get yours.  Calcium Index test, gut biome test and food allergy test Give us show ideas or ask questions for the monthly Q & A discussion Deeper Keto   from Keto Savage uBiome Calcium Index - The coronary artery calcium score is a measurement of the amount of calcium in the walls of the arteries that supply your heart muscle, using a special computed tomography (CT) scan of your heart. It shows the amount of hardening of the artery wall that you have. It tells you about your risk of a heart attack or stroke (brain attack) in the next five to ten years. The more calcium you have, the higher the risk that you may have a heart attack or stroke. A high calcium score does not mean that you will have a heart attack, only that you are much more likely to have one than someone with a low score. Even a person with a score of zero could have a

042 March Q & A 3/28/18

In this episode listen in as Jolene and John answer your questions. Ted talk - heart test discussion uBiome Food Sensitivity Blood Test HIIT course Are you new to Keto ? Have you started, but are struggling? Are you a veteran Ketonian? Well you are in the right place! The Ketonian Korner is hosted by two coworkers, John Davidson and Jolene Hale, who have a round table discussion and keep it real so subscribe .