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050 – Great by Choice – Your 20 Mile March 8/3/18

John’s solo additions about the book Great by Choice In the book it’s two teams race across the south pole but John talked about a simpler example walk across the United States: Walking 20 miles every single day — rain or shine VS Walking for 40-50 miles in good weather — fewer miles on bad days Other points from the book: Learn to deal with uncertaintyProductivity ParanoidDurable and specific proceduresIt’s not luck and chance – it’s hard work and ambition You Action: Define your next march Some things to think about: What are your performance markers, are they clearWhat are your Self-imposed constraintsIs it in your controlWhat’s the proper time-frame — long enough to manage, yet short enough to track progress So – little different episode but Jolene is fantastic and keeping the podcast going when John’s out so it was his turn to walk the 20 miles
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