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Jolene Hale

Hello!  I would like to take a moment to introduce myself. I am 45 years old and I have struggled with my weight my whole life.  I started out as a chubby baby moving into a pudgy child then on to a chunky teenager and finally landing at a morbidly obese adult. In April of 2014 (first pic), I was at my heaviest weight - 264 pounds, size 22 and 5’3”. I had been diagnosed with prediabetes and went into denial.  I refused to take medicine, because I didn’t want to be diabetic...like I thought that would make it go away.  6 months later the dr informed me I had full blown type 2 diabetes and needed to take the meds.  Again, I refused.  At this point I realized this wasn’t going away and I needed to do something. In December of 2014 I made the decision to make a change.

Background: I worked out and ate “healthy” for the majority of my life...no food addictions, or what the standards consider an unhealthy diet, but I could never seem to shed any of the pounds.  I sought medical advice numerous times resulting in my feeling more like a failure, because I was doing what they told me without result.  I tried all the gimmick diets out there and in 2002 I stumbled on the Atkins diet.  This was the first time I saw results!  I went from 205 down to 189 with ease.  Then, I went out of the induction phase and that stopped...and I started gaining again.  Okay I have failed again!  For the next 12 years I went up and down in weight by doing what my doctor instructed...restrict calories and reduce fat.   Believing the old adage fat makes you fat and calories in/calories out.  I was alway hungry and angry and never saw any results.  In 2008, I started dating my husband and got comfortable.  He didn’t care what my weight was; he loved me no matter what, so I decided to give up trying to be something that I just couldn’t seem to be.  I ate whatever I wanted and stopped worrying if it was “healthy” or not.  The two of us rapidly ballooned.  I loaded on 40-45 pounds with lightening speed and ended with an additional 20 more over the next 6 years.  We were both miserable!  I was very inactive, because I was in constant discomfort and pain.  

In December 2014, I met up with co-workers for a holiday get together and I thought I looked pretty good.  I tried to avoid pictures just like always, because I hated my pictures taken.  There were a few that I was in and I have to be honest, I was horrified!  That was the turning point for me to make a change and started my weight loss journey.  My health issues were a huge driving force, but let's face it when I realized I was that fat I did not like it.  

I started a low carb diet, as instructed by a physician, and worked out 6 days a week, but there was little to no structure in the diet and I felt a bit perplexed.  He instructed me to eat 60-90 grams of protein and low carb.  I lost weight, but felt I needed more structure.  I started searching the internet and stumbled on Ketogenic.  I started eating Keto on April 16, 2016 at 176 pounds & size 18.  Today, I weigh in at ~151 and size 9/10.  

I feel like I have been able to hit the reset button.  I have a great passion about health today and I am eager to tell everyone about it.  I would love to help everyone find their healthy path in life!

John O Davidson

I pretty much live by the Pareto principle (80% of the results from 20% of the work), so hopefully you will find some tips that impact your habits. When you're diagnosed with a learning disability, then stuck in a cubicle all day with sporadic OCD and ADHD tendencies you need all the tips and tricks you can find. It took me two years to embed Primal into my life, and I'm still not completely done. Not sure what Primal is? Read the post on Mark's Daily Apple, as it is so much better than I could write. I like Primal, because it includes lifestyle components like Sleep, Play and getting outside. I lump productivity, GTD, even a smattering of Minimalism in the mix. Oh, and yes - Keto falls under the Primal Framework. I started teaching group fitness by getting certified in LesMills BodyCombat in 2010. After a while I realized diet had a huge impact and I got Primal Blueprint Certified Export in 2014. Now I only teach CXWorx at Gold's Gym and upped my Primal Blueprint Nutrition by becoming a Primal Health Coach in 2017. I might not be able to give medical advice, but I can do my best to provide Small Actionable Tips and/or Processes to help build changed habits in your life. I know everything isn’t going to be for everyone, but I do hope you can uncover something that will move you forward on your health and fitness journey.