016 Nutrition Labels 7/19/17

Big Fat Food Fraud by Jeff Scot Philips
Ingredients must be listed in order of quantity on the label. People only look at the top 3-4 ingredients. The food industry started using less sugar, so the consumer would think the produce was more healthy.  However, they are using multiple sweeteners in order to achieve this and keep the taste the same.  Many times the product is sweeter than it started out being.
Food companies create documents that "appear" to be scientific studies.
According to the USDA - Salmon alone can't be considered health food because it is too high in fat.
The head of the FDA Michael Taylor used to be former VP Monsanto - he and others make all the rules for FDA and USDA
USDA regulates beef, Chicken (peeled eggs) & FDA regulates sea food, eggs and they don't talk to each other...if both are in a dinner no one regulates because they don't know who should do it
Natural flavors - this means nothing
Marketing terms - Natural, organic, free range, gluten free, low carb, net carbs & low fat. Society drives this behavior because they jump on the "fad" bandwagon
The ingredients they use to replace the gluten is extremely unhealthy
Replacing red dye with Annatto a plant derivitive - UK has banded this completely, because it is more toxic then the red dye...United States allows this to be used and allows them to promote it as "all natural"
USDA regulations - If you put the word "friendly" after buzz words like Paleo, Low Carb etc it doesn't REALLY have to follow anything!!
"Weight loss" loss companies (like Weight Watchers) are not required to list accurate portion sizes on their meals!
They used sweeteners, but listed another because the consumer wouldn't buy it...used splenda instead of stevia, but listed stevia as the ingredient

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